3 Whisky webshops to buy from!

We need to buy whisky from online shops, auctions and communities. Sometimes we just can’t get the bottles we want around the corner. We have bought whisky all over the internet. Some experiences greater than others. Today we’re sharing our online whisky buying experiences with you.

We listed 3 online whisky shops. Check the list and increase your chances for rare bottles!

Hard to find whisky

Hard to find whisky (HTFW) delivers everything their name promises. The range rare whisky, whiskey and bourbon is astonishing. And the website is very user friendly. Also: shipping to the United states and other regions of the world is available.

You simply will not find the range of rare whisky in every online whisky webshop. With 3500+ rare and collectable whiskies in stock: Hard to find Wisky is a must visit shop.

The Whisky exchange

When I first heard the name: The Whisky Exchange (TWA), I didn’t think it was a whisky webshop. I thought it was more a whisky auction ot platform than an online whisky shop. Boy was I wrong! The whisky Exchange is one of the best and most well-known whisky shops you can visit. And a visit is recommended!

The Whisky Exchange receives almost all of the special whisky releases. They too have a great section of “new in” whisky bottles. And there’s always a good amount of whisky on offer.

The Whisky Exchange, as mentioned on their website” is a multiple award winner: Spirits retailer of the year. Their excellent service has earned them a 5 out of 5 star score from their happy customers. Not the cheapest of online whisky stores. But one of the best.

The green welly stop

Online whisky shops aren’t always just an online whisky shop. The Green Welly Stop is proof of that. They run a great store (not only Whisky) in Tyndrum, just about 1 hour and 30 minutes driving from Glasgow. And they get a lot of great whisky sent to their store. Along with footwear, clothing and backpacks. Really! It’s a great stop when you’re driving towards let’s say Arran, Islay or Campbeltown for a distillery visit.

As a whisky store, the Green Welly Stop is known for excellent service and very competitive prices. The Green Welly Stop is reviewed excellent with solid 5 out of 5 star scores. Easy to find the new arrivals at their store and great deals in their whisky’s on offer section on the website.

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